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First European Football Academy (FEFA) at Lingfield College

Football/Soccer for Boys & Girls School Year 4 to Year 8(Inclusive)

Sports and activities have a wide range of positive benefits for children.
Participation in a team sport can introduce and foster character growth in your child, as well as provide for their physical and emotional well-being.       

The increased coordination that comes from regular Football/Soccer practice and training will do wonders for your child. Regular exercise will improve their confidence and will help them with maintaining a positive self-image.

  • Your child will learn the art of the beautiful game 

Anya in action October Academy 2023_edited.jpg

February 2024 Half Term
12th to the 16th (Inclusive)

FEFA Easter 2024 Academy Flyer 1.jpg
  • Your child will make new friends

  • Your child will be prepared for senior college

FEFA Academy Summer 2022.jpg

Kids love playing football because, they feel happier, they feel more sociable and they are more confident.

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Our Coaches are DBS & CRC Checked, Safeguarding, First aiders & FA Licenced  

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